Picturing the future

7 facts that shape our future:

1. The workforce is set to change beyond recognition

The workforce is set to change beyond recognition. Almost every region in the world is getting older: in Europe 34% of the population will be over 60 years old by 2050.

2. People’s working lives are less regimented than in the past

People’s working lives are less regimented than in the past, which has both positive and negative consequences: 21% of workers now regularly work shifts and 30% work on Sundays.

3. Society is becoming more divided when it comes to wealth

Society is becoming more divided. The richest 1% of Europeans hold almost a third of the region’s wealth, while the bottom 40% of the population share less than 1%.

4. Artificial intelligence and automation are on the rise

Innovations such as artificial intelligence and automation could eliminate 57% of the jobs as we now know them in rich countries, but those jobs could be replaced by new employment.

5. The way we learn needs to change

The way we learn may need to change to encourage creativity and better communication skills. Seven in 10 employers say students aren’t ready for today’s dynamic workplace.

6. Business models are being revolutionised

Business models are being revolutionised. By 2025, the European sharing economy could facilitate €570 billion of transactions and generate €80 billion of revenues, rivalling traditional companies.

7. The total spending power of consumers aged 60 and older will almost double within a decade

Changing demographics offer potentially huge opportunities for various sectors by the end of this decade, especially healthcare (nursing homes, hospital and physician services, in-home health services). The total spending power of consumers aged 60 and older will hit €13,8 trillion globally, up from €7,3 trillion in 2010.

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